Rostislav (Randomneo) Misiura's, site.

Main activity

Currently I'm working as a backend developer. My primary development language is Python. I do use Emacs/Arch Linux/Tiling WM workflow. Some configs for this could be found in my confs repository.

Where I'm skilled at?


I could write code in:

Have experience with GCloud, AWS, DigitalOcean. And could do some DevOps staff (with help of all might

Adept of good code quality (what can't be said about my GitHub)), currently working on improving it) if you'll ask me where I want to spend time to write some feature or improve flow of development I would choose second one.

Pet projects

Currently I'm planing to develop platformer game... (More updates later)

Hobbies and where my "free" time goes

I do like Lisp programming languages (could spend hours configuring Emacs or looking how to solve problem using elisp). I also can play some music on piano, guitar or flute.

I'm a big fan of Japan and Japanese culture. It started with anime, but now you could say I'm Japanese maniac)) Japanese language, culture, literally anything that made in Japan. Despite that I'm currently at the begging of learning Japanese (I would rate my knowledge as beginner).

Cars one more place where my time goes. Culture of drifting overflowed me. I'm very eager when it comes to drift (on Japanese cars in particular).

Games. I have used to play Dota 2 (and may be I can play it from time to time), as you can guess by now I like Japanese single player games I can't say I like them all. Also when it comes to contesting games, I can get engaged with it a lot (It could be any game: chess, go, Dota 2).